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Levaquin (levofloxacin) is a strongly efficient medicine effective in the therapy of such bacteria-induced infections as pneumonia, renal infections, prostate infections, urinary system infections, skin infections, as well as chronic respiratory diseases and a lot of various other ones as prescribed by the doctor. Your healthcare provider will need to understand if you have low degree of potassium, sluggish heart beat, seizures, irregular heartbeat, cerebral arteriosclerosis, nerve troubles, chest discomfort, or liver illness, as those aspects might be essential in figuring out the most affordable effective dosage you will reward from. It's for that reason vital to tell your healthcare provider about other problems you have, and also drugs you are using to see to it your therapy is safe and you get all the perks of taking Levaquin. Serious adverse effects, such as uncommon bleeding or blemishing, dark urine, breast discomfort, irritating, tingling or swelling, anxiety, complication, intense diarrhea, skin rash or blisters, pale feces, dizziness, loss of hunger, hallucinations, muscular tissue pain, seizures, fainting, or pounding heartbeat should be mentioned straight to your wellness care company.